SouthWestfd Finance Director = part time costs, full time results

Every business leader needs a shoulder to lean on. Expert advice, hands on, trust worthy, reliable, mentor, coach, buddy, ally, confidant and guru. We’re all these and more! Our focus is on helping you and your business grow. Covering the whole of the South West - Gloucestershire, Somerset, Bristol, Avon, Dorset, Devon & Cornwall.

How our Finance
Directors can help

Bottom line focus, accurate data, good advice, knowledge of market and industry trends, monitoring current conditions, support network and problem solving. Whether it's half a day a month or a day a week, we can step in and lighten the load.

Just Finance

Yes we can help with financial advice, but there’s more to us than that. There’s also business planning, operational and system reviews, people management, customer relations, reducing costs, improved marketing and sales development.


Our fees will be nominal compared to the growth and savings we make for your business. We saved one company £60k in the first 2 months of working with them.

Knowledge Centre

Expert finance & business advice at your fingertips - videos, blogs, white papers and events.

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