A SouthWestfd Finance Director = part time costs, full time results


‘The auditors and in-house accounts team did not align regarding Corporation Tax Credits.   By joining the dots between the two a £300k R&D tax claim has been filed, saving the company in the region of £60k’.

Think of SouthWestfd as an efficient, ‘pay as you go’ service. We offer growing companies an experienced Finance Director’s expertise on a part-time, thus avoiding the cost of employing a full-time senior professional.

We identify your business’s real drivers of value, and implement procedures and systems that support them. We ensure that, from the ground up, the business structure is focused on profitability, efficient cash flow, cost control, security and growth with stability. If necessary, we can help you raise finance for that growth.

Helping you to implement pertinent, simple, short- and long-term performance measurements will enable you to direct your business more effectively. These will seamlessly integrate financial and non-financial measures that enable daily review of key indicators. This in turn means strategic decisions can be properly evaluated, thereby making possible effective business planning and budgeting. Once in place, this structure helps you to a better understanding of the business.

An adviser’s role and availability depends on the client. The service involves face-to-face meetings as and when required, but a lot can also be done by phone or email. We can also supply financial controllers if you require more detailed financial accounting work done.

Key benefits of using our part time Finance Directors include:

  • Review and improvement of systems and procedures
  • Facilitation of strategic planning, including preparation of business plans and forecasts
  • Sound financial management, including cash flow, realistic budgeting, cost reduction
  • Building relationships and more credibility with banks, investors and other funders such as grant providers
  • Preparation for raising of finance, acquisitions and exits
  • Management of growth and avoidance of growth pitfalls
  • Help with resolution of difficult and confidential issues
  • Implementation of change and improvement
  • Acting as MD’s sounding board, clearing the fog, providing balance

We are completely flexible so you can choose to work with us on a part time, interim or virtual basis – whatever suits your needs or budget.

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