Which areas do you cover?

We have Finance Directors based in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset.

How much will it cost me?

Fees are normally charged on an agreed daily rate basis. Our fees will depend largely on the following factors:

  • The mix of services you require
  • Whether you need an FD, financial controller or finance manager
  • The length of the contract
  • The complexity of the business

The service involves face to face meetings as and when required, but a lot can also be done by phone or email. Invoicing of fees is monthly, based on actual time worked by Associates. The daily rate is for 7.5 hours. Expenses are charged monthly (usually just mileage at 45p per mile).

Remember that there are none of the following to pay:

  • National insurance
  • Holiday pay
  • Benefits such as BUPA
  • Recruitment fees

And there is no worry about redundancy, employment contracts and the like.

Fee discounts may be negotiable based on the more functions you outsource to us, the longer the contract or the greater the number of days per month.

I already have an accountant

We are complementary to your external accountant and provide more hands on approach to your financials as well as get involved in operational issues.  We do not provide tax, statutory accounts or audit services – that’s your accountants job.

How do you make sure we get the right person?

We’ll try to find the ‘best fit’ Finance Director for you, based on your needs, organisational culture and the wide range of experience in our team. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to decide if you feel comfortable with the Finance Director and, in the unlikely event that you don’t, you can of course meet with other members of our team.

Once you start working with a Finance Director, the service involves face-to-face meetings as and when required, but a lot can also be done by phone or email.

Call or email and we’ll discuss your needs. We’re very happy to come and meet you on a no-obligation basis.

Who are your Finance Directors and why did they choose to do this type of work?

All of our Finance Directors have enjoyed successful business careers, whether as FDs or MDs, some of which now run their own companies.   They have decided they want to use their experience to help a wider variety of companies, each of them having a real and passionate interest in advising SME companies and relishing the opportunity to be a part of a team that helps growing enterprises reach their goals.

My issues are very sensitive

We understand that businesses come to us with highly sensitive issues and we are fully equipped to deal with these situations.  Your business information is strictly confidential and both SouthWestfd and the individual Finance Director will sign non-disclosure agreements with you.

How long am I signed up with you?

There are no fixed rules on contract length, particularly if an assignment is project-based or ad hoc. We will seek to offer you the most convenient basis.

When can they start and how often will I see them?

In the first case, we will always be in a position to make a Finance Director available to a new client, as we have a great deal of flexibility, plus the ability to scale up as required.

In the second case, the Finance Director will be available primarily as agreed under the contract, i.e. a designated number of days either for a period or per month. However your Finance Director is always available on the phone or by email even if it’s not a ‘designated’ day – for example most of our part-time FD clients speak or email with their FDs several times each month.

What other services do you offer?

As you will see elsewhere on the website, we believe that it’s logical and practical that we can easily offer you the benefits of other services such as bookkeeping, management accounts, insurance, HR and IT (responsibilities that would normally come under the remit of the head of the finance function).