SouthWestfd, a team of consultant finance directors, are helping to nurture financial growth in Cornwall. One company who has experienced that growth is Mackerel Sky Events.

Claire Eason-Bassett, Managing Director of Mackerel Sky, a Creative Events Agency, heads a team of 12 with 3 offices spread across the south of England. Mackerel Sky started out with a traditional management structure and a small team of 5.

Back then Claire felt isolated as a director, she felt there was no one she could delegate to or turn to for advice. She added ‘I was at the point of my capacity. This is when she reached out for help. ‘That’s where SouthWestfd came in. In particular, Jeremy Kirk, who has now been working with us for 5 years.

Claire adds ‘We have a great working relationship, which is crucial to delivering the stuff that we do. Jeremy is core to that. What we needed was that strategic knowledge, and an accurate view of our finances, so we could get a grip on them and make proper decisions It wasn’t as good as it could be and that’s where Jeremy came in and helped us deliver.

Jeremy not only helps Mackerel Sky to deliver the right choices he is also able to understand the challenges they face and the opportunities that exist for them.

Claire says ‘He is always supportive, always challenging, throws in a curve ball as and when, and that’s part of the brilliance of having that external input. Seeing where there is an opportunity’.

As a result of SouthWestfd’s support, Mackerel Sky are now showing a 10% profit.

Impact of that kind is huge and worth much more to us as a business than the rate we pay for Jeremy’s input. Claire adds.